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Pinnacle Peak Institute provides Washington State Certified Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient drug alcohol treatment services with adults, and families.

The fundamental assumption underlying Pinnacle Peak Institute (PPI) drug, alcohol treatment service is that recovery from  drug, alcohol abuse requires a change of the whole person—physically, psychologically, socially, behaviorally and spiritually. This holistic view of  drug, alcohol abuse contrasts with other common approaches to alcohol treatment, which may focus more narrowly on physiologic dependency or on identification of emotional conflicts from which  drug, alcohol abuse may stem. Pinnacle Peak regards  drug and alcohol abuse as the outward manifestation of a much broader set of problems and adopts a holistic view, seeking to promote change in virtually all aspects of a patient’s life as well as over the patient’s lifespan.

Pinnacle Peak Institute offers  Drug, Alcohol treatment for adults who abuse or are addicted to Alcohol or Drugs. PPI's continuum of drug, alcohol treatment care includes screening, drug, alcohol assessment, outpatient and intensive outpatient drug, alcohol treatment programs, followed by individualized continuing care programs to maintain drug, alcohol  abuse recovery. Length of drug, alcohol treatment is based on each patient's needs. PPI also understands that the patient’s family is a critical ally in the alcohol treatment and recovery process and therefore PPI drug, alcohol treatment services strongly encourages and attempts to engage the patients extended family in the drug, alcohol treatment and recovery process including family counseling.

                   Christian Centered Treatment Services:

Pinnacle Peak Institute offers faith based Christian counseling in addition to secular  drug alcohol treatment options. PPI Christian focused drug, alcohol treatment services are entirely optional and patients can choose to receive non-faith based PPI treatment services or receive a referral to another service provider. Christian focused treatment options are designed to provide a treatment option which builds on the spiritual strength offered by the Christian faith and is in no way intended to proselytize or recruit patients to the Christian faith or particular denomination. Persons seeking treatment services will not be discriminated against based on spiritual or religious identity.