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Pinnacle Peak Institute is a

non-profit charity, family and education service center located in Olympia, Washington, offering out-patient mental health and drug alcohol treatment services for adults, programs for family members, and training and education classes for agencies and counselors.




In the past, a person who suffered from alcohol and drug addiction or mental health issues was thought to have a deficit in moral fiber and a lack of personal character. This thinking prevented many who suffered from alcohol, drug or mental health issues from reaching out for help. Today, we know that addiction and mental health disorders are medical problems in which the individual has no control. Without the necessary help the outcome may be tragic. Fortunately, there is help.


As a caring agency, Pinnacle Peak Institute touches the lives of individuals and their families struggling from mental health and or alcohol problems. The past has taught us that recovery is not only possible; it’s a path that the individual does not have to walk alone.

Our staff members are committed to providing the highest quality care possible. Our drug alcohol treatment and mental health programs are designed to attend to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of recovery through professional excellence. Alcohol, Drug and mental health issues affect the patient’s family and PPI believes that family involvement in treatment is critical. Pinnacle peak strongly encourages family involvement in treatment services.

Pinnacle Peak Institute utilizes treatment strategies that have demonstrated effectiveness (Evidence Based Practices) delivered in personalized treatment plans for each patient. PPI staff are highly trained in the most modern mental health and drug alcohol treatment practices and ongoing continuing education and training for all staff is emphasized in order to provide the most effective treatment options for our patients. 


PPI provides counselors local, regional, and national training in evidence-based practices. The deliberate use of research based content is a customary part of our trainings and has a worldwide impact on patient care.

The evidence is based on the outcomes of well-designed research studies registered with SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP) and represents interventions supporting mental health promotion, alcohol and drug abuse prevention, and mental health and alcohol and drug treatment.