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Pinnacle Peak treatment services provide drug and alcohol evaluations and mental health screening. Each patient will be required to have a screening when referred to PPI treatment services and if deemed appropriate, the drug, alcohol treatment Professional will schedule and complete a full biopsychosocial Drug, Alcohol assessment.

The drug, alcohol assessment professional will facilitate individual screening sessions utilizing the Global Appraisal of Individual Needs-Short Screen (GAIN-SS) and (with appropriate releases) a clinical interview with all pertinent collateral sources (e.g. family members, court/probation staff, etc.). 

All drug, alcohol assessments are conducted as an individual session with patients who have been referred from a variety of sources. The drug, alcohol assessment professional will establish areas of concern and make appropriate referrals.  




Pinnacle Peak Institute provides drug alcohol assessment - DUI assessments for persons who have been referred for alcohol evaluation because of driving under the influence, DUI or physical control of vehicle under the influence conviction.  PPI follows all Washington State regulations in the drug or alcohol assessment - DUI assessment process. PPI offers fair, objective, comprehensive DUI assessments - alcohol evaluations Monday through Friday. All patients who present to Pinnacle Peak Institute for an alcohol evaluation due to driving under the influence, DUI or physical control of vehicle under the influence will be requested to provide release of confidential information forms for all referring court authorities and the WA state DOL. Pinnacle Peak staff will provide you and the court a report of the drug, alcohol assessment - DUI assessment results in a timely manner.  



The patient will be required to provide the Pinnacle Peak Institute alcohol assessment professional a copy of the police report and breath/blood report that gave rise to the need for the evaluation and a copy of the person's criminal record and driving record (to review for any prior drug, alcohol charges) at the alcohol assessment appointment.